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Google Meet Highlights

You must use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are compatible with our telehealth.

How to join with a tablet, desktop, or laptop:

Open your browser, navigate to our homepage, and click the "Telehealth" button on the homepage. Once the Telehealth screen opens click "Request to Join" at the bottom of the page. You will not be asked to download the Google Meet App when you join with a tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Joining from your phone with a Gmail Account:

If you have a Gmail account, you can sync automatically to your existing Gmail account by accepting the request when prompted. If you are joining from the Meet app enter this code: ocw-ioaf-rvb at the top of the screen in the search bar. If you are using the mail app (not the Meet App) from Google, switch from the "Mail" logo to the "Video" logo at the bottom of the screen, and then enter this code: ocw-ioaf-rvb

Joining from your phone without a Gmail Account:

The telehealth portal will allow you to access WITHOUT a Gmail account. Use the Telehealth link on the homepage, when prompted, enter the room code: ocw-ioaf-rvb

If you do not have a Gmail account: The office will create one for you. If you would like an account; you may request one through our office. You must send a message asking for account creation through the patient portal.  It typically takes 7-10 days for us to create the account and send it back to you.

Security Highlights

  • To prevent other patients and staff from joining your appointments at any time, our waiting room has a security feature that will log you out every 3-5 minutes. You will have to click the "Request to Join" button every 3-5 minutes. This is a feature that will NOT be removed to ensure our patient's sessions are private and uninterrupted. When timed out, please click the button again. If it has been more than 20 minutes since your joining, please text our office line.

  • Our office's Google account and services are HIPAA-compliant with security and encryptions set for Google Meet sessions and Gmail interactions.

  • Our office has additional security contracts with Google to ensure patient privacy, security, and discretion. 

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